A lot has changed since you bought your home.

Rampant unemployment and underemployment, along with

a housing market that’s still struggling to find the floor and

constant talk of a “double dip” recession have wreaked

havoc on the stability that many American families had once

counted on.

Who would have guessed that a home—the hallmark of the

American Dream—could have evolved into what feels like a

financial liability for so many?

If you are among the 10 million or so homeowners who

are falling further behind every single month because of

an unmanageable mortgage payment, this holiday season

stands to be a particularly challenging time.

In the midst of what may well be some very weighty

financial challenges, there is actually some encouraging

news. The Federal government, along with state and local

agencies, as well as major banks, are more determined now

than ever before to stem the tide of foreclosures.

No one wants to see you foreclose on your home!

Among the many alternatives to foreclosure, loan

modifications are more accessible than ever and many

banks are offering incentives that amount to tens of

thousands of dollars to encourage homeowners to pursue a

short sale rather than let their home slip into foreclosure.

As a real estate professional who has achieved the Certified

Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, I offer all

of my clients the benefit of the best expertise and insights

within the distressed properties arena. I am tapped into

major lenders, up-to-date on Federal and local government

assistance programs, and a member of the real estate

industry’s most recognized network of professionals who

demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism

and ethics.

Never has it been more critical to have a team of

top-notch professionals in your corner.

It is my mission and my passion to serve as a trusted

consultant to financially strapped homeowners, helping

them to understand their circumstances, review all of their

options, and then leverage my expertise and know-how in

order to navigate the best possible solution.

No one knows better than you that separating the headlines

from the hearsay and the hype can be a challenge. There’s a

lot of information out there and a lot of programs designed

to help homeowners facing various forms of financial stress.

I am committed to honing in on the solutions that best suit

your needs.

Stay on the Lookout for Scam Artists.

When the chips are down, there are always a few swindlers

who emerge with shady schemes that serve to make a

bad situation a lot worse. The current foreclosure crisis is

certainly no exception. I’ve heard it all and can help you

to sort through the red flags. The accompanying page,

“Ten Warning Signs of a Mortgage Modification Scam,”

provides some of the most common schemes for defrauding

financially-strapped homeowners.

An unmanageable mortgage is a constant source of stress

that inevitably accompanies other upheavals in the life of

a family. As we look forward to a new year, it would be my

honor to help you to lift a burdensome mortgage off your

back, freeing you for a fresh start in 2012.

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